Welcome to the World of Arkrose

A land of magic, trickery, darkness, and love, Arkrose enters into a new age of a sinister war over the heavens and earth and pits below.

For years, the Veona of Magic, Weqinp, raged within himself his disdain for Yaorn’s dissolution of magic over the ages. Weqinp saw his power dwindle with the wiping out of the Ancients, the rise of the priesthood and laws against magic after the Clerical Wars, the distrust of magic after the collapse of the Folacian Empire, and the Veona’s scolding at the reemergence of Isterone the Black Mage.

Known as the Powerful Enchanter and the Father of Magic, Weqinp, a once trusted adviser to the Lord Father Yaorn, King of Nerule and the True God, had become Janus-faced in many ways. His snide comments against the council of Nerule and absence from matters over Creation alerted the Veona and Yaorn. The Most Esteemed Yaorn suspected him of duplicitous behavior, but treated him with respect as a subordinate nevertheless. In a short time, Weqinp had secretly been working to overthrown Yaorn: with the help of the Deceiver Teznak, the Prime Fallen Veona, Weqinp would abolish Yaorn’s rule and return the power of the Ancients and the Folacian Empire to Arkrose.

And with a bright red flash of light from the skies, that only a small fraction of the inhabitants of Arkrose witnessed, Weqinp began his campaign. He has fled from Nerule. He has enlisted the help of the cults of Teznak and the Deceiver himself. He has generated many of his Wraiths of Red which travel unseen, seeking out powerful mages that can be turned against the Temple of Yaorn and artifacts from the age of the Folacian Empire. Secret but powerful groups of mages have joined his cause for the reconstruction of the Folacian Empire, and seek the elimination of the those who oppose Weqinp.

Now you, an adventurer, a treasure-seeker, a guardian of justice, or a harbinger of evil, will join in this age of war between the Veona and perhaps bring an end to the turmoil. Archmage Dorruhn, previously thought to be dead, a leader of the Folacian Council during the rule of Isterone the Black Mage many years ago, leads the kings of the Nightfall Islands in the attempt to unite the peoples of Arkrose, beginning first with the elves of southern icy continent of Anoudaril.

The Veona Wars

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