The Veona Wars

First Adventure
Aboard the Mists of Pride

During your first adventure, you were aboard the Iorokan royal navy vessel The Mists of Pride, sailing towards the Elven continent of Anoudaril. Along your journey, the fallen Veona Aquinas, the Veona of the Seas, came upon your ship, striking Frost Worms against you and your comrades. The ship was blockaded by ice, and you were unable to move as the fallen Veona taunted you against sailing towards the Elves. Dorruhn, the last leader of the Folacian Council, resurrected by an unknown magic, and his apprentice Rosina empowered your weapons and your own strength, providing you with power enough to defeat the enormous creatures. Using the cannons aboard the ship, you fired upon the worms, but mostly missed. Finally, you climbed off the ship and attacked the worms head-on.

Dmitri deftly attacked with his dagger-hand weapon, striking against one of the creatures repeatedly. He jumped to avoid several attempts the worm made to slam him dead into the ground, and held his ground. Finally Dmitri’s blade sunk deep into the worm, and it collapsed upon the ice.

Tellis was actually consumed by one of the monsters, but as he was being slowly digested, Tellis pushed his blade out of the worm, cutting an exit through the beast. Finally Tellis defeated the worm with the help of Dorruhn, Rosina, and Angelina on board.

The captain’s ship is now battered down, frozen solid by the ice, and you were stuck at sea. You will need to figure out a way out of the ice before you can leave.

Teaser of New Continent

Hey guys, just wanted to post a teaser of one of the new continents. It’s still a work-in-progress, but I am learning a lot about GIMP to make this happen.

This is Anoudaril—the land of the exiled Elves. Your characters are sailing to this continent to ask the help of King Kaelinthas in the battle against the fallen Veona Weqinp.

It's Happening Again
Pathfinder Adventures Again

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since we’ve played Pathfinder, and I just really miss those good times. Actually, Ben, I saw your review of Divinity: Original Sin on Steam, and you mentioned how you craved an authentic tabletop RPG experience. Well, let’s do this again.

I’ve got a lot of spare time now in the lab actually. Many of my experiments take an hour or so to incubate, so I can work on a great campaign for our adventures. We’ll return to Arkrose, where you were beginning to see the start of the Veona Weqinp’s fight against Arkrose and Yaorn. Now he has initiated his attacks and seeks to overthrow Yaorn and bring the rule of the Folacian Empire, a nation in which his power and prestige flourished, back again.

So guys, make new characters, level one. You sort of know the world already, so I have faith you’ll come up with interesting individuals. If you have any questions please let me know.

Let the adventuring begin, and bring on the Mountain Dew!


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