Archmage Dorruhn


Dorruhn was an extraordinarily powerful mage and leader of the Folacian Council of the Folacian Empire. Keeper of one of the fabled Pearls of Folacia, Dorruhn was the leader of the resistance against the Black Mage Isterone, fallen king of Folacia, during Isterone’s campaign against the peoples of the Nightfall Islands.

In the final battle against the undead armies of the Black Mage, it is said that he and his men fought bravely, with Dorruhn only falling at the hands of Isterone himself near the legendary well of magic near what is now known as Castle Fanor.

However, it is now known that Dorruhn, through magic that he cannot explain himself, still lives and is acting as a new leader for the resistance against Weqinp the Veona of Magic.

Dorruhn is a focused, straightforward, but kind man who seeks out justice and the elimination of evil throughout Arkrose. The wizard is known to sometimes “play dumb” or act eccentrically before groups that he perceives as foolish so as to surprise them when he can take the upper hand in an argument or battle.

Work in Folacia

Prior to the time of Isterone’s rule, Dorruhn was an both an excellent magic-user and teacher. He instructed and led discussion on magic use in the Academies of Magicka within the Folacian Empire for decades. He had several apprentices who went on to become exceptional leaders throughout the Folacian Empire, including teachers and military strategists who would assist him against Isterone.

Dorruhn was one of the leading members of the Council of Folacia, a group of wise magic-users who assisted the king of Folacia in matters of policy and military matters. The king of the Folacian Empire sat on this council as its leader. In the time of the King Isterone the Black Mage, this council fell apart and became the leaders of the resistance against the Black Mage.

For ten years, Isterone raised an army of undead against the peoples of Arkrose. Dorruhn and the other members of the Council started a resistance against the Black Mage, and eventually defeated Isterone, but were at some point in the war killed in action. With much of the leadership of the Folacian Empire lying dead or scattered, within time Folacia fell out of existence.

Dorruhn was laid to rest within a tomb near Dorruhn’s Peninsula on Iorokan Island of the Nightfall Islands.

Dorruhn’s Return

At some point after Isterone’s failed return to the Nightfall Islands, Dorruhn claims he awoke up from death, as if he were just waking up from sleep. Lying in his tomb, his energy was restored, and he walked out of the labyrinth designed to keep robbers away from his body. For several years Dorruhn traveled from city to city through Arkrose, gathering information, hearing whispers of discord in the heavens. Dorruhn also met many adventurers and treasure hunters, whom he employed to return several of the artifacts that had been stolen from him or taken as museum pieces.

Dorruhn came before the High Mage of the Iorokan Throne— Porthio Enreth—with the portend news of the treachery of the Veona Weqinp against Yaorn and the peoples of Arkrose.

Archmage Dorruhn

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