Isterone the Black Mage


Isterone, known most commonly as the Black Mage, was the last king of the Folacian Empire.

In his madness, he brought about the demise of Folacia and sought out the destruction of those who opposed his necromantic rule. Isterone raised from the dead his warriors, and set them upon the peoples of the Nightfall Islands in an effort to eliminate all those who opposed him.

Descent into Madness

It is not known exactly what preceded Isterone’s descent into insanity, but it is said that Isterone was the apprentice of Lord Galwin, the husband of Princess Lina Grandstar. Isterone was Galwin’s apprentice since he was a child, however In the marriage between the king and princess, Lina was unhappy and sought out Isterone as a lover. Isterone initially resisted, but fell in love with Lina. The newly King Galwin, who had taught Isterone the magic of necromancy, confronted Isterone. Galwin attacked Isterone in anger, but Isterone defeated him. The apprentice then, for fear of death for killing the king, via necromancy removed his own soul from his body and inserted it into the dead king’s, leaving his own to fall lifeless to the floor. The guards of the Folacian Empire arrived after hearing the duel, and saw the body of Isterone on the floor. Isterone, now in the body of the king, related a story of Isterone attacking him, and the guards believed the story and destroyed the body.

Isterone, having murdered his mentor and friend, now also did not receive affection from Lina. Slowly madness consumed him, and the dark magic of necromancy acted as a poison in his mind. Soon voices of paranoia began to speak to him, whispering thoughts of rebellion by the Council to overthrow him. The Black Mage summoned his court, including Lina, and with a torrent of magical fire burned them through to their deaths. At this, he summoned the darkest of magic to raise their bodies as warriors of the undead, fashioning for them the Swords of Macabre. With his undead court, he razed the city of Folacia, constructing for himself thousands and ultimately hundreds of thousands of undead warriors that would go on to destroy the Empire.

The Fall of the Folacian Empire

Many years passed, and the Council of Folacia raised an army throughout the Nightfall Islands to defeat Isterone. Ten years of war raged, but eventually Dorruhn and the three other members of the Council pushed through to a Well of Saithel where Isterone sought immense power in its magical springs. Isterone put up a tremendous fight, with the power of all schools of magic obeying his command and the aid of his undead warriors, but eventually the Folacian loyalists defeated Isterone. It is recorded that Dorruhn and the rest of the Council perished in this battle. Isterone’s body was locked in a tomb guarded by the mages of the Folacian Empire and protected by extraordinary magic that only a Folacian could undo. Despite the fall of Isterone, his undead warriors and lieutenants continued to set waste to the lands of the Nightfall Islands. The Folacian loyalists never fully reclaimed the Folacian capitol, and eventually the tomb of Isterone would go unguarded as the Folacian Empire dwindled out of existence.

The Return of the Black Mage

Ages of dust and rot would lie over the Tomb of Isterone at the bottom of the Folacian capitol city for nearly five centuries before it was rediscovered by a thief, Goran Worther, sent to find Folacian artifacts by the mage shopkeeper of Iorokan Island Malacy Bandle, the only daughter of an old Folacian family.

Goran, having eluded the Roaming Knights of Griouder Island, escaped to the Folacian Mountain, where the capitol once stood. The leader of the Roaming Knights, Sir Thomas Granthum, trailed him into the Tomb of Isterone. Unbeknownst to them of the tomb’s significance, the two fought within the tomb, and Thomas, being a magic-user, broke past the aging barriers that protected Isterone from revival. Isterone returned to life and ripped Thomas’ soul from his body, inserting his own into Thomas. Isterone, weak and fragile after years of death, used Goran to escort him through Griouder Island to North Castle, the capitol of Griouder Island.

Isterone the Black Mage

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