Teznak the Deceiver


Teznak is the Lord of Evil, the first of the Fallen Veona, and Great Deceiver of the peoples of Arkrose. His rule is established within the realm of Hoilern, a dark, cold, and dead place within the deeps of the universe. He wishes nothing more than to have for himself the full power of Yaorn and rule Arkrose as a feared king.


Teznak was created by Yaorn to be the Veona of Wisdom, to impart great understanding of charity, honesty, and integrity to the peoples of Arkrose. In serving Yaorn however, he was instructed to teach the people of how Yaorn ultimately imparts upon them these things; Teznak did not agree with this, instead believing that these traits of a good and true man derived from the self, and that he should be praised for making the people know of goodness.

Teznak fell into despair, knowing that Yaorn was the embodiment of good, but struggled with the fact that his mission was to show Yaorn’s promises to all of his creation without believing that he was the one who directly brought goodness to the people. The credit for goodness, the people were told, came from Yaorn, and not from within themselves. This brought turmoil to the Veona of Wisdom, for he wished to be known for his greatness and generosity to the people.

The Veona of Wisdom could not handle his position, ultimately believing Yaorn to be stealing the glory of the light from the people. He became the first of the Fallen Veona, taking with him other Veona who agreed with his despair, and in arrogance, declared war against those who worshiped Yaorn and the kingdom of Nerule itself.

Dark black boulders and iron bursting with fire erupted from his body; fire grew in his eyes, and he became the Great Deceiver in that moment of ultimate disdain for Yaorn. Using his knowledge and powers, he created demons and devils in the darkness of Hoilern, where the dead lie, and there he waits for the moment to overthrow the Veona and Yaorn the Most Esteemed.

The Veona Wars

Teznak the Deceiver

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