Weqinp the Veona of Magic


Weqinp, a member of the Veona, is the Veona of Magic. From him, it is said that magic is derived and controlled and expanded.

The Veona of Magic is often called the Powerful Enchanter, for he is the most powerful of any magic-using being in all of Arkrose.

Weqinp has throughout the ages served as the controller of all magic, supplying it to all who would wield it with dignity and majesty. Despite this, he has seen fit to provide magic to many individuals who used the power dishonorably and for evil. Weqinp has for generations been able to see into the character of individuals and see if their hearts were good and true, only then giving them the power of magic.

As Weqinp has edged closer and closer to disdain for Yaorn, he has supplied magic more generously to all who have the mind and intelligence for the power.

The Veona Wars

Weqinp has faithfully served Yaorn and the Veona for thousands of generations, but in this age, has lost faith in the power of Yaorn, and seeks to create a new order upon the world of Arkrose—a society and people who worship magic and yearn for its power. In essence, Weqinp wants magic to be the new god of Arkrose, with him as its harbinger. Weqinp longs to restore the Folacian Empire across Arkrose, with him as the new emperor of the kingdom and great master of magic to all the peoples.

Weqinp has recruited several different groups to his cause:

  • The Order of the Folacian Way — This is a group dedicated to the reinstatement of the Folacian Empire as the political leadership of Arkrose. Weqinp immediately sought out their support and pledged immense power to those who aided him in his campaign. Those in the group include powerful mages and sorcerers as well as some chromatic dragons.
  • The Cults of Teznak — Several dark groups that follow Teznak the Deceiver have joined with Weqinp in hopes of the elimination of Yaorn and those who serve Yaorn and the Veona. This group includes the demons and devils of the underworld Hoilern and dark clerics.
  • Anarchists and Scum — Many fringe political groups simply seek out the dissolution of the current government and order through assault, thievery, murder, and assassinations of political figures. This group includes bounty hunters, criminals, and corrupt leaders.
  • Aquinas, the Veona of the Seas — By demonstrating the power of magic over the power of the waters, Weqinp was able to turn Aquinas to the Veona of Magic’s forces. Aquinas now holds the waters enthralled against those who would fight for the Temple of Yaorn.

Weqinp the Veona of Magic

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