Goran Worther


Goran Worther is a former professional thief, hired by the likes of noblemen and kings to steal the wealthiest of royal jewelry, the darkest of incriminating documents, and the strangest of ancient artifacts. He is married to Malacy Worther (nee Bandle), a shopkeeper of magical items and potions in the city of Piterfall on Iorokan Island.

Goran was the individual who thwarted the second rise of the Black Mage through the help of Malacy, Ormaculus the bard, Quincelin the Elven warrior, and Karmeri the innkeeper. In some ways he settled some tensions between Griouder and Iorokan by saving Sir Thomas from Isterone’s entrapment.

He is the father of Ferrean Worther Jr., a Talon of Iorokan Island, and Runale Worther, who is apprenticed to her mother, Malacy, in the Folacian magical arts.

Goran is known throughout Iorokan Island as a treasure hunter and an excellent shot with the bow and arrow. Very few know of him as a thief, and nearly no one knows of his involvement in stopping Isterone from returning to Arkrose.

Early Life

Goran was born in the city of Trandice on Iorokan Island of the Nightfall Islands. He was trained by his father, Ferrean Worther Sr., to be a professional thief. Ferrean took his work seriously and instructed his son in the same manner. A code of thievery was developed by Ferrean that the two obeyed, focusing on harming no one as much as possible, and stealing only what is requested of the client. His father Ferrean also subjected him to constant training in the use of the bow and arrow—so much so that Goran became extremely skilled at archery.

The two developed the business of thievery in Trandice and throughout the Nightfall Islands. Ferrean took Goran on nearly every escapade and continued instruction in the use of lockpicks and stealth.

At the age of twenty, Goran father Ferrean became involved with the thieves guild of Rosefall, managed by the Lord Loreth Feldspair.

Goran Worther

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